BANA Open Conversation about Balneology



Balneology is the science and art in practice of therapeutic mineral water bathing

If you have received this evite it is because BANA has identified you as an important voice in the future of North American Balneology.

We will be holding open conversations in 2017 on

November 15 2017  2PM AST- 3PM PST-4PM MST-5PM CST-6PM EST

December 13 2017  2PM AST- 3PM PST-4PM MST-5PM CST-6PM EST

to hear your voices on topics we see as instrumental in bringing the practice of “health in earth’s mineral waters” into the 21st century.

The topical focus may include:

Balneology -practices of mineral water bathing/soaking

Mineral waters nature of healing

Mineral water stewardship

Environmental policy for mineral waters

Mineral water concerns pertaining to the spa industry

Host: Janet Abbott, President

We are excited to hear from you!

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If you have any questions, please send them to


BANA Board of Directors

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