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The Balneology Association of North America (BANA) supports your interests in natural mineral waters for health and wellness by providing research, information and education. Become part of a community that shares an interest in the field of Balneology and the art, science and culture of baths and bathing, through expertise and personal experiences.

Joining BANA, will involve you in a community of committed individuals and organizations working together to bring awareness to the art and science of baths and bathing in the natural mineral waters of North America.

BANA Supporter benefits include,

  • Supporting the growth and development of Balneology in North America.
  • Personal Education through regular seminars, conferences, and educational podcasts.
  • Information shared through blogs, periodicals, archives of stories and practice of balneology or “taking the waters” FAQ’s.
  • Professional Association with experienced people who can provide guidance, useful insights, and solutions.
  • Opportunity to become an Active Member of BANA, committing time and energy to an active committee or action group or proposing a new group to help us achieve our mission.

Please choose a supporter category to become part of the BANA community and contribute to the BANA mission.

Annual Donation
Individual Annual   $80
Organization          $275
Lifetime                   $750

This donation category will provide you with a year’s worth of access to the BANA community, including all research and publications.

Annual Subscription
Available for Individuals and Organizations

Our annual donation made easy! Join once and we’ll take care of renewing your donation each year, so you don’t miss anything. 

One-time Donations
We appreciate any amount you’d like to give.

Your donation will support BANA Research, Information sharing and Education programs.


Corporate Sponsorships            
To become a BANA Sponsor, please contact info@balneology.org or you may call us directly at 512-844-8747.