Balneotherapy Research in France

The article Balneotherapy Research in France by Christian François Roques, focuses on new research on the beneficial use of natural mineral waters for a number of chronic diseases.

There are currently 100 natural mineral water resorts in France that are overseen by the Public Health Authorities.  In 2011, these spas treated 520,000 patients for an equivalent of 9,360,000 days of treatment and as well as an additional 491,000 using the waters for “Well Being Care”.

In the article “Balneotherapy Research in France “  C. Roques outlines the 100 natural mineral water resorts in France that cover a range of health uses including: 66 spas specializing  in rheumatic diseases–immune disease affecting joints and soft tissues;  31 spas specializing in respiratory tract diseases; 23 spas serve metabolic conditions; 8 spas help with neurological and stress related disorders and 11 spas specialize in dermatological diseases.

It also introduces a new organization, the French Association of Thermal Research, which was established in 2005 to provide scientific and economic opportunities.  This article discusses the origin, transformation & results of current research in the use of Balneotherapy. Finally, the article surveys the improvement of the patients using natural mineral waters and concludes that larger international cooperation to set up new research & methods would be beneficial.

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