BANA Periodical #1

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.31.27 PMThe BANA periodical provides in-depth discussions and information on Balneology in North America. Articles from the first periodical were written by several BANA Board Members and feature both an introduction to Balneology, an overview of some of the health benefits of natural mineral waters, and proper etiquette for bathing.

Download your copy of the BANA Periodical Issue 1.

Articles included:

  • Introducing Balneology by Prof. J. Paul De Vierville, PHD
  • Balneology Education by Cynthia Josayma, MA
  • Seeking the Waters for Wellness by Janet Abbott, TLMT
  • Six Geothermal Spa Towns in the U.S. by Cynthia Josayma, MA
  • Geology and Health Benefits of Natural Mineral Waters by Janet Abbott, TLMT
  • A Rustic-Wild Hot Spring Soaker’s Guide to Proper Bathing Etiquette by Dr. Marcus Coplin, ND