Calistoga Tribune: Group Forming to Reaffirm Healing Waters

“Group forming to reaffirm healing waters urge research and education on mineral waters use.”

[March 2012] The Calistoga Tribune discusses Balneology and the creation of BANA in their Mud City Weekender.

Although the practice of “taking the waters” has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, it has slowly started to evaporate in the United States.

A new, national organization named Balneotherapy Association of North America (BANA)
is hoping to inspire collaboration between health practitioners, mineral water spa owners, media, and the public to reeducate Americans on its restorative effects.

The BANA board of directors held its first formal meeting in Calistoga this month because, across the national landscape, Northern California has the highest concentration of mineral water resorts and spas, said board member Cynthia Josayma of Earthly Waters Travel.

Speakers shared their theories of what happened to erode the tradition of soaking in natural mineral waters among Americans and how advocates can collectively reinvigorate not only the debate on bathing’s positive out physical effects, but how to educate new supporters on its health benefits as well.

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