Conscious Soaking @ La Paloma, Truth or Consequences, NM

My husband and I have soaked at La  Paloma Hot Springs many times in T or C, New Mexico to sooth and warm our Anchorage, Alaskan bones.  This year our stay at La Paloma was focused on attending… Read More

Seeking the Waters for Wellness

By Janet Abbott Natural mineral waters have always provided benefits to living creatures on earth. There are both cold mineral waters as well as thermal waters that are naturally heated by the earth’s core. Water travels through the… Read More

A Rustic Soaker’s Guide to Bathing Etiquette

by Marcus Coplin There are many different thermal mineral springs all over North America. The range of experience is vast. Many are well established resorts and smaller stewarded sites. These places tend to have their own rules of conduct… Read More

Six Geothermal Mineral Water Spa Towns

By: Cynthia Josayma Throughout North America there are significant cold and thermal natural mineral water sources that are being used extensively for health purposes, some for over 10,000 years. Here are profiled six major spa towns in the… Read More