Conscious Soaking @ La Paloma, Truth or Consequences, NM

My husband and I have soaked at La  Paloma Hot Springs many times in T or C, New Mexico to sooth and warm our Anchorage, Alaskan bones. 

This year our stay at La Paloma was focused on attending the Annual Hot Springs Festival and in particular to hear the discussions that were stimulated by the presentations of BANA – Balneology Association of North America members. The talks were not only about the physical benefits of soaking in hot mineral rich waters, but there was encouragement to tune into the consciousness that the waters bring to our awareness and the consciousness that we bring to the waters.  I have always thought of myself as a spiritual person and yet I recognized that my habit of entering a pool was to walk down the steps and then go, Ahhhh.  After 2 days of discussions and presentations, on the last day of the festival, early in the morning, I went into pool #5.  I approached the water in a different frame of mind on this particular day.  As I stood at the side of the pool, I closed my eyes for a moment in reverence, stretched my right arm up with palm facing Father Sky and my left arm down palm open to Mother Earth.  I was in a state of gratitude.  I thanked the waters I would be entering and blessed the waters that cover our entire earth.  Tuning  into the liquid cells that flow through my own body I  sank deeply into the pool. I was totally present and attentive to what was happening now.  I asked the waters to help me release anything that no longer served me. Asking it to transform and recycle that energy in a way that would be a benefit to the earth.  Today, my body only needed 5 minutes to soak.  As I walked up the steps to leave the pool I realized that I did not have my towel. I was content to do a brief Qigong movement exercise while the element of Air aided me in drying off.  I still had time left before I planned to attend the last round table of the festival. A wave of joyful anticipation flowed over me as I realized that I could extend meditation time supported by the cozy couch in the lovely sanctuary that La Paloma provides right outside the tub doors.I had a different experience soaking today.  The peaceful ambiance of La Paloma Hot Springs helped to facilitate a divine soaking morning for me, magnified by my own intent.

Thank you La Paloma and the insights that BANA reunited in me. I will be back.

Joan Koval

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