Janet Abbott

Board President

Credentials: TLMT, Teacher, Researcher of Integrative Health and Wellness Systems, Geothermal Mineral Waters Springs Consultant

Janet Abbott brings to BANA a USGS geological perspective of what lies beneath the earth’s surface. Her personal research and experiences with natural mineral waters, both cool and hot, as springs, artesian wells, and soaking pools in North America are a contribution to the Balneology Association of North America Research, Information and Education initiatives.

Her years of practice with Integrated Health and Wellness Systems lend the perfect blend of guidance and wisdom to organizational goals; to inform, educate and raise general awareness to the benefits found in mineral water bathing.

“We collect testimonials from our members who experience the  the mineral waters as transformational,” Abbott notes.

“The positive health effects received by the body from a bathing or soaking experience in warm or cool mineral waters is Balneology.”

Q&A with Janet

Hot Springs flowing in Bonita Springs, Florida near Shangri-La Health Resort in 1977.

As President of BANA, I am working with all committee chairs on our current projects which include our Consulting with Site-Specific-Sources, Water Reclassification, and Three Pillars of Balneology: The Ten Domains as Integrated Fields and Systems, Best Practices of Balneology, BANA Flow Formula.

Hot springs continue to be of interest to all living beings throughout our history on this earth.  In the U.S., there are hundreds of hot springs in natural settings open to the public and some privately owned.  Water Stewards oversee destination locations ranging from small user-friendly styles to resort establishments with amenities. Seekers of warm mineral waters number in the hundreds of thousands coming from all over the world to visit sites in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Developing relationships with water stewards and their mineral waters Site-Specific-Sources. Visit locations to research the mineral waters and culture. Gather the ‘Language of The Waters’ that speak of geology, climate, chemistry, history, culture and practices as well as current use for our educational presentations. Host National conversations about current events, health in mineral waters, listen to water stewards, associations and local support. Guide interests through education on the benefits of soaking in mineral waters and drinking mineral waters.  Outreach to water specialists at levels of government, university labs, hydrology, geology in order to establish an understanding of what, where, why, how, and when warm mineral waters are a valuable inclusion in practices of health and wellbeing.

To make anyone and everyone feel welcome to join BANA in acknowledgement and practice of The Waters in North America as valuable and beneficial to us.