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Michelle Solloway

Board Secretary and Events Chair

Credentials: PhD, MPA, RPP, Senior Research Scientist at the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative at the Johns Hopkins University.

Michelle Solloway brings to the organization a breadth of experience in health services research and policy, neuroscience, city & regional planning and other the social sciences, grant writing and fund raising, and organizational expertise. She is also a certified advanced polarity practitioner. She is another branch of diversity that BANA provides its members and the general public.

Dr. Solloway’s professional interest have led her to projects and goals that seek to help vulnerable children and families, “the underserved of society.” She is currently engaged in in a number of projects on childhood trauma and family engagement that bring together emerging neuroscience, epigenetics, and health care research on trauma and resilience to promote early and lifelong health and wellbeing, including mind-body approaches to healing. Balneology offers one such approach.

When she was approached by BANA to participate on the Board, she became aware of how mineral springs soaking for health and wellness (balneology), appeared to be a match for her many branches of research and interest, including her work as a body/energy worker. “There is scientific evidence that balneology can help with many physical and emotional disorders; osteoarthritis, low back pain, fibromyalgia, and PTSD. Through her work at the VA, she learned that in the early 1900’s many of the VA hospitals were built on hot springs sites, as it was one of the best and only remedies fat that time or “shell shock”, or what is now called PTSD.

“Balneology is for anyone and everyone interested in their own health and well-being.”

Q&A with Michelle

My grandmother was very forward thinking and lived in Europe early in her adult life, so was exposed to and loved taking the waters. I recall being very young (5 or 6 perhaps) and going to Dessert Hot Springs and mud baths with her when it was very undeveloped. It was an amazing thing to be exposed to as a child and of course I just loved it! Our soaking became a tradition for us and a deep bonding experience.

I am the events coordinator and we are working on developing thought-leader conference calls and webinars on various topics, including health and wellness, geology and hydrology, water and environmental policy, and culture of the waters. Anyone interested in these calls and webinars, please contact me (msolloway@cahmi.org)! We are also collaborating with Peak Living Project for a “Waterfest” festival in Manitou Springs in September 2016. We hope you all can join us!