Nancy Welliver

Credentials: N.D. from Bastyr University, Naturopathic physician and educator
Nancy Welliver has been utilizing the concepts of wellness and natural living since the 1970’s. Over the many years of studying, teaching and practicing as a naturopathic physician, she has come to value the use of water as a primary therapeutic tool. Every year since 2011, she has introduced international students and practitioners to the power of hydrotherapy through classes in balneology, spa medicine and Kneipp therapy in Germany and the U.S.
She is excited to work on the BANA board and contribute to the increased awareness of the efficacy of balneology in maintaining and regaining health and wellness, ultimately to bring people back to the natural waters. She is also intent on building greater interest among the younger holistic practitioners in BANA and the practice of all forms of hydrotherapy.
Developing educational experiences for practitioners and the interested public in the field of balneology and hydrotherapy is key, so that we all may have a more sustainable path to Wellness.

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