“Taking-the-Waters”: Balneology benefits 

Balneology encompasses site-specific analysis and clarifications of natural mineral water sources including their local and regional geography and geology, mineralogy and chemistry, bio-molecular nature and structural forms, climates and seasons.


Coloradans like to boast about having higher red blood cell counts than their sea level–dwelling counterparts. This is true: At an average elevation of almost 7,000 feet, the body is forced to do more with less oxygen.

But there’s another secret behind that healthy, hardy Coloradan glow. Balneotherapy, or the use of natural hot springs to ease muscle aches and mental stress, has been around since ancient times. Native Americans sought out Colorado’s soothing mineral vapors long before the silver miners showed up in the late 1800s. This 388-mile hot springs route connects the Centennial State’s most beautiful and balmy bathing spots…Read More

Natural mineral waters have always provided benefits to living creatures on earth. There are both cold mineral waters as well as thermal waters that are naturally heated by the earth’s core. Water travels through the depths of geological time, dissolving minerals on its way to the surface and emerges as springs with a unique chemical composition that can be used to hydrate and heal…Read more

My husband and I have soaked at La  Paloma Hot Springs many times in T or C, New Mexico to sooth and warm our Anchorage, Alaskan bones. 

This year our stay at La Paloma was focused on attending the Annual Hot Springs Festival and in particular to hear the discussions that were stimulated by the presentations of BANA – Balneology Association of North America members. The talks were not only about the physical benefits of soaking in hot mineral rich waters, but there was encouragement to tune into the consciousness that the waters bring to our awareness and the consciousness that we bring to the waters…Read more

After a devastating back injury, Carbondale kayaker Nate White is walking again, in part because of therapy he did at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool…Read more

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