Welcome to BANA

The Balneology Association of North America [BANA] supports the Research,
Information and Education of Baths and Bathing in Natural Mineral Waters for Health and Wellness.

We are committed to raising awareness of the natural mineral waters in North America for the purpose of wellness and healing in communities.

Balneology is consistently taught, practiced, researched and documented for its important and widespread contributions to health, wellness and healing. Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Latin America have long relied on Balneology as a valid health care field and natural medicine field. Millions of people around the world seek out natural mineral waters for their personal health and wellness benefits.

Through our support of research, information and education, the intent of  BANA  is to engage individuals and organizations in activities that acknowledge the benefits of Balneology for the people of North America.

SMUGeothermalMap 11.20.15

Map Source: Blackwell, D. D., and Richards, M. 2004. Geothermal map of North America. Am. Assoc. Petroleum Geologist (AAPG), 1 sheet, scale 1:6,500,000


BANA is a community of people who share personal and professional interests and values that support the development, knowledge and understanding of Balneology in North America. We are organized for the purpose of bringing continental wide attention and awareness to the current state of the arts, sciences and practices, historical legacy and future potential for the healthful, hygienic and therapeutic use of natural mineral waters throughout North America. Our intention is to inspire cooperation and collaboration with and among various private and public groups, communities and institutions that serve and benefit from the responsible use of natural mineral waters for wellness and healing.