Through directives of research, information and education,  BANA’s mission is to inspire cooperation and collaboration between various private and public groups, communities and institutions that serve and benefit from the responsible use of natural mineral waters for wellness and healing.

What is Balneology

In the simplest terms, Balneology is the study of the art and science of baths and
bathing in natural mineral waters for health and wellness purposes.

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Share your water story

Do you have an experience with “taking the waters” that you would like to share with the BANA community? BANA is collecting the stories of mineral water soakers from across the nation. These stories will be reviewed and shared on the website and other communication materials to raise awareness of the water’s benefits and inspire proper stewardship.

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Joining BANA as a member has multiple benefits, first and foremost is that you are joining a committed group of people to work together to bring Balneotherapy to the forefront of North America’s health care choices.